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Kitchen remodel planning

My husband and I were working on ideas for remodeling our kitchen. We spent hours trying to figure out what could go where and how to get the best plan for our money.

I had met Melissa previously and was aware of her organizational skills. I thought it may be a good idea to see what she had to say before making any changes, so we decided to give her a call.

 She drove down to the lake and spent time listening and talking with us.  We went through each cupboard and drawer in the kitchen and talked about possibilities.  She was full of ideas.  She really took time to think things though and gave us some very sound and useable ideas.

 One of our biggest issues with our kitchen was the lack of a desk area to put the children’s   school, church and sports papers.   All the miscellaneous pieces of paperwork   and mail that comes with family life needed a home besides on the countertop.  Melissa really understood what we were after. We absolutely love the idea she came up. She suggested we added  an information center into the other side of breakfast peninsula.  We had a spot at the end of the peninsula   that didn’t have a stool. It turned out to be an extremely handy location for the info center.  The top drawer is for pencils and personnel phone books. Below it each member of the family has a drawer all his or her own. We love it! There are so many things we love about our new kitchen, but this is one of my favorite features.  Thank you so much for your great help,  Melissa !