Offering five different types of services:

1. Online video class: This is something that you have never seen before! An organizing project you will finish! Not everyone can hire a professional to come into their home. That is why I designed an online class that will help you create the organized kitchen that you have always wanted. You can order the course here.




2. Hands on organizing: Specializing in home and office organization as well as large event planning in the greater Seattle area. We work together to create the organized and relaxing home or business that you have been dreaming of!


Residential organizing 

*Organizing Basements
*Organizing Closets
*Getting Rid of Clutter
*Developing Household Filing Systems
*Packing for Moving
*Meal Planning
*Photo Organizing
*Space Planning

Home Office Organizing
*Developing File Systems
*Office Space Planning
*Developing Work Systems
*Management of Financial Records
*Paper Clutter


3. MS. Simplicity Long Distance Program:  Do you live too far away for Melissa to travel to you? She offers a one hour Skype or FaceTime call plus unlimited email contact for thirty days. She works with you walking you through the steps of organizing in bite size pieces. Don't feel overwhelmed knowing that Melissa is only an email away to help you through the disaster you call your pantry or closet! Current rate is $349 {discounted from $399} for the current month. This type of service is limited to 3 clients on a monthly basis. Email Melissa to schedule your 30 day block of time.

4. Public speaking and training: Looking for a keynote or small group speaker for your organization? Melissa Schmalenberger speaks regularly in front of clubs and organizations on many different topics of organization. Contact Melissa directly for current topic and listing of fees.