Supporting a Spouse Through a Job Loss
Monday, August 27, 2018 at 4:58PM
MS Simplicity


Hi, I am Melissa and I like to be in control. Heck I even created a profession around it, being a productivity consultant. I go into homes and businesses and help the occupants regain control of their chaos, and I am good at it. Some may even call me a control freak, not in a bad way of course (sarcasm.) I have even been called bossy, not in a bad way of course (sarcasm.) But then life threw me an event that reminded me that I truly am not in control.

For me, that happened six weeks ago when my husband called me with a tremor in his voice and said his position, along with over twenty others, was eliminated. You see, we had been through this before, when his job was eliminated from a company that he had worked with since he left college. This isn't new to us. The timing was unique this time around, as our youngest son was set to leave for college in a little over a week.

Each time one of my children left to go to college, a part of my heart went with them. I always said when my baby left, it would be our time to leave Fargo as well. So, the fact that my husband’s job was eliminated 9 days before our youngest left for college could not have been a coincidence. I just was surprised that it happened without my being in control. Click here to read more. 

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