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I have a big why for starting my MS. Simplicity business. I have been an attorney since 1993 but really felt dissatisfied. I did some soul searching and decided that a career change was in order for me. I looked at what I enjoyed and what my friends told me I was good at. When I began the career change, I didn’t know there was a whole industry of professional organizers; I just started reading books and doing hands on organization for my friends. With the career change I heard from a lot of shocked friends who could not understand why I would give up a career as an attorney, with many years schooling and start something so different. The reason is simple: I had to be me and I had to be happy and I had to live my passion.  I will say that my family and my core group of friends got it. They knew that in order to be happy, I needed to live my passion.

My passion is helping other people grow and develop their own entrepreneurial spirit and become financially independent. I am setting an example for my three children that they too can follow their dreams and do what they love.

I LOVE the feeling when I leave my client’s homes in a state of organization. I see their shoulders drop and the stress levels go down. They tell me that their health will improve because they can now cook and eat in their kitchen as a family.

I LOVE knowing that I am improving the lives of my clients in more ways than just having an organized home. I am helping them to find ways to spend more time with the people they love.

I LOVE helping people become more organized. Not everyone can hire a professional to help them, which is why I created online an online video class on kitchen organizing that has you go at your own pace. I have designed it to be easy and done in bite size pieces. You can order the course here.


MS. Simplicity
Melissa Schmalenberger